This week #1




Schooll strated this week and I already started studying because I have huge tests comming. I’ve bee trying to do some DIY projects but I always end up doing something else… 

This week hasn’t started well because I got sick and I have to study during the weekend.. Hopefully I will get better and study well so that I can have a good mark :) 

Fall closet

This is a wishlist/Fall trens post. Just like I do every season, I write down a list of itens it would like to buy until the end of it. 

So here it is, my wishlist for this fall/trends!



1 Leather jacket – I have a hard time finding one that I really like that actually fits me, but I can’t wait much longer. 

2 Cozy sweaters – Do I really have to say anything about this?

3 Checked shirt – I’ve been looking for one for a while now but I haven’t found the right print for me.

4 Black pants –  To me they’re a must every fall/winter so I need to buy a new pair, mine is a little worn out.

5 Ankle booties – I love them they’re just perfect! I really want/need a black pair.




6 Scarves – You can never have too many scarves, they always improve your look.

7 Backpacks – This type of backpacka has become very popular and now you can find it in a lot of patterns and colours.

8 Beanies – Having a bad hair day? Put on a beanie and problem solved + they make you always look stylish!

What did you think about it? xx