The weather is making me crazy! One day is really sunny and warm and the next one grey and cloudy and windy and sad. Yesterday was a really nice day, perfect for geocaching, and that is what we did in my town. Those are my go to shorts as they are super comfy and cute, they’re the star of the outfit.

Hope you have a nice week, xxx







Summer casual


  Sun, sun, sun! When the sun comes out and it becomes really hot I tend to be very lazy, so when I go out this is what I wear, comfy shorts, a printed t-shirt and sandals. Add a blacelet or two and I’m out the door. And your sunglasses, never forget them!




Kind of windy



  So these pictures were taken in 3 different locations and in all 3 the wind made his presence clear. Oh the struggles to make my hair look nice for the pictures!
This outfit is very simple, favourite jeans and a black t-shirt with a checked shirt as a belt (and when colder as an open shirt) and black flats. Not the summer outfit Iwas hoping for but it was kind of windy up there.
Hope you have a great week xx



Hey there!



Finally Summer! After so many hours (stu)dying i’m finally free. This year’s exams were easier than last year and i’m expecting a nice result for my Biology and Geology exam, not the same for Chemstry and Physics wich was a fiasco for me, still i’m expecting at least a 13 out of 20.

Enough about school, this is the summer! I’ll enjoy every moment of it because next year will be my senior year and i am freaking out.

Hopefully i will be more active around here this summer!




This week #1




Schooll strated this week and I already started studying because I have huge tests comming. I’ve bee trying to do some DIY projects but I always end up doing something else… 

This week hasn’t started well because I got sick and I have to study during the weekend.. Hopefully I will get better and study well so that I can have a good mark :)