Summer casual


  Sun, sun, sun! When the sun comes out and it becomes really hot I tend to be very lazy, so when I go out this is what I wear, comfy shorts, a printed t-shirt and sandals. Add a blacelet or two and I’m out the door. And your sunglasses, never forget them!




Kind of windy



  So these pictures were taken in 3 different locations and in all 3 the wind made his presence clear. Oh the struggles to make my hair look nice for the pictures!
This outfit is very simple, favourite jeans and a black t-shirt with a checked shirt as a belt (and when colder as an open shirt) and black flats. Not the summer outfit Iwas hoping for but it was kind of windy up there.
Hope you have a great week xx



Hey there!



Finally Summer! After so many hours (stu)dying i’m finally free. This year’s exams were easier than last year and i’m expecting a nice result for my Biology and Geology exam, not the same for Chemstry and Physics wich was a fiasco for me, still i’m expecting at least a 13 out of 20.

Enough about school, this is the summer! I’ll enjoy every moment of it because next year will be my senior year and i am freaking out.

Hopefully i will be more active around here this summer!




This week #1




Schooll strated this week and I already started studying because I have huge tests comming. I’ve bee trying to do some DIY projects but I always end up doing something else… 

This week hasn’t started well because I got sick and I have to study during the weekend.. Hopefully I will get better and study well so that I can have a good mark :)